World Ivermectin Day | July 23, 2022

I am always somewhat reluctant to share subjects matters relating to more serious topics such as health.

There are so many complex factors involved where a combination of medication and treatments may be necessary to treat an infection, ailment or health condition your hereditary state, age, pre existing comorbidities, unknown deficiencies, your diet, fitness, general lifestyle existing vices, habits and general attitude towards health.

As with any and all drugs, medication and treatments out there, what might work for one person might not necessarily work for you.

For me the primary goal is helping people to hear the other side of any story especially when that other side has been so aggressively censored and rejected by the official mainstream sources of information.

We obviously do not have the ability and intelligence to think for ourselves and discern fake from facts. So they have deemed it upon themselves to provide that Fact Checking Service for us which includes testimony from their sponsored experts that have absolutely no career financially based interest when sharing their conclusions with us.

It feels like we are being treated like little children that need to be protected from what they deem as misleading information.

For me personally speaking,

Its no longer about any one specific drug anymore.

Its also no longer about treating any one specific virus infection anymore.

There are far greater implications involved as regards how any future health threat will be undertaken.

But keeping to my tradition I have absolutely no interest in influencing or persuading anybody.

Listen to the testimonials from both doctors and patients alike from across the globe.

Do your own personal research concerning the history of and use cases of this particular drug and then as a more fully informed person ….

draw your own conclusions.


This blog and the link provided should not be taken or viewed as medical advise. Always consult your local medical practitioner before making any health related decisions or in the taking of any medication.

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