The Wellington Letter

Robert Kiyosaki introduces us to Bert Dohmen, an analyst, professional investor and trader.  

According to Bert the primary indicator to forecast asset price changes is found in the supply and demand for the asset. This is where Bert’s advanced technical analyst software comes into play in the measuring of money flow.

A claim and statement that is backed up with over 40 years of experience with an fenomenal track record of accuracy in forecasting price fluctuations and major turning points from bull to bear markets and vice versa sometimes within a day or two time frame.

Bert Dohmens success story all started back in 1977 with the very first edition of 

“The Wellington Letter”

during a bull market rally.

….well let Bert tell you his own story in another great informal interview with The Rich Dad Radio Show Crew – The Good News and Bad News about money.

Bert Dohmen’s Wellington Letter – Dohmen Capital Research

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