You are who you choose to hang out with.

The Rich Dad Radio Show with his old friend George Gammon is more about educating yourself & critical thinking than just gaining financial and investing insights in themselves. The two combined have decades of investing experience including surviving previous bull and bear markets.

The spontaneous and informal way that this podcast is presented is in complete contrast to the aggresive editing and censoring now controlling mainstream TV and news media productions.

There is no excuse not to ‘thrive and survive’ right in the middle of this bear market.

If you value liberty, freedom, free market capitalism, want to be informed, and can handle the raw blunt truth that challenges the mainstream paradigm being propagated today, then this is for you.

However I do acknowlegde that the expression on Robert face displayed for this video is off putting and totally misrepresents an otherwise very positive, educational and encouraging interview.

A few teasers;

“We are and become who we choose to hang with and listen to.”

“There are decades that go by when nothing happens and then there are weeks that go by when decades happen.”

“The more high tech the more demand for high touch”

“Make “1984” fiction!!”

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