The State of the 2022 Economy

According to Anthony Pompliano

If you are still struggling to fully understand what just happened to the US Economy, the global economy by extension over these last two years then Anthony’s compact summary is really worth listening to. 

Really helps us to understand the cause and effect scenario of Lockdowns, stimulus, quantitative easing and tightening, institutional investors entrance and exit strategies of Bitcoin participation.

And then at the 35 minute time stamp;

What can you do?

Focus on what you can control instead of staring in despair at what you can’t,

When asked what his personal forecast is;

The one thing we can safely forecast is, 

“Human nature never changes” 

He then quotes the well known adage;

“Fortunes are sown and bought in bear markets to be reaped and sold in bull markets”

all credits Anthony Pompliano


This mini blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. Always do your own diligent research and consult a professional if necessary before making any financial decisions or investments.

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