The world needs you personally.

Jorge Alvarez Lecaros – Pexels

I have always been in awe with the simple fact that every human is unique. Which in turn means that every single living person on this planet has something very unique to offer us no matter how seemingly insignificant.

We often wish that we could accomplish the feats and talents of this or that artist, athlete or sports hero that either made us gawp in astonishment, smile, laugh or  even cry because of touching are hearts and soul with their phenominal performance. But maybe it is not meant to be that way, that someone else can copy and imitate them perfectly. Maybe that is their personal unique contribution to the world.

We tend to focus on those greatest feats which can only be seen and heard by the masses while ignoring that which cannot be seen by everyone. We the masses are sometimes even more greatly influenced and affected by the ordininary happenings of everyday life from our interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Our lives would be very different, if not even negatively impacted without their existence and them being who they are.

Some of the most profound moments of positive impacts on my own life were due to simple acts of acknowledgement and kindness shown to me by these type of individuals.

Sometimes it’s your explanation and angle of an existing fact that someone already knew in part.  You drew attention to that subject from a completely different angle and viewpoint to theirs that finally helped them to have a better and more complete understand of it for themselves.

Another quote dealing with mindfulness is

life is made up of millions of tiny moments

where virtually thousands of unique individuals contributed in making many of those moments happy ones.

Myles Munroe takes this a stage further by including everyone that has ever lived;

“In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential.”

Maybe instead of wanting to conquer the whole world with global fame we should also be content with that smaller circle of people that we can get to share our unique personality, talents and gifts with.

Never underestimate the immense, positive impact, you can personally have on someone else’s life, just by you being,

uniquely you.

Please don’t give up, we are still patiently waiting for you!!


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