Making a bearish call in a bull market – Gareth Soloway

A crypto investor that is still a Bullish long term investor in Bitcoin that plans to dollar cost average even with his expectations of further lows in price has also said that he believes that Gold will still be the best performing asset this year.

Instead of gloating in this interview he continues to teach very valuable lessons especially concerning your emotions, strict profit taking strategy and the percentages of free funds that you use to invest in any given asset segment. I have not even started on his incredible technical analysis insight.

A must watch that despite the obvious bear winter we now seem to find ourselves in, is still viewing this period as a perfect buying opportunity for those with patience, long term vision and mindset.

Just a side note confirming Gareth’s prediction please check out my previous blog with Daniela Cambone with Clem Chambers

Bitcoin winter is not coming, it’s here!!

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