Frank Guistra with Kitco News – May 2022

It is the anniversary of the Daniela Cambone, Stansberry Research, “Great Debate” between the two investing giants, Frank Giustra and Michael Saylor, where it might have seemed that Frank suffered a humiliating defeat, but can we still say that a year later?

Well the stunning, beautiful and always eloquently spoken Michelle Makori tactfully interrogates Frank Giustra in this Kitco News episode.

He still clearly hates Bitcoin and has a very negative, derogatory view of those who choose to invest in it.

Whether you like him or not though or his preferred asset class or not, it’s still worth listening to someone that knows his stuff when it comes to Gold, its correlation to the markets and fiat currency and why he believes price manipulation is involved.

I still could not resist wanting to react to his negative crypto stance but for some strange reason I could not post my comment in YouTube so I decided to posted it here instead;

“I find both precious metals and crypto interesting and always keep an open mind. I don’t believe or like extremists in any direction and fully respect both styles of investors and their assets.

Just like gold will always be here for the long run, we will always need something to record,  represent and transport its value in some alternative way and form  for practical purposes. One way or the other crypto is not going away either and the both can work perfectly side by side.

I am still learning everyday but one statement Jim Rogiers once shared in an interview was;

watch out for those hated asset classes“,

….. because it seems like, so many times, they end up proving you wrong.

For the Bitcoin Maximalists it will be Gold … but for the Gold Purists it could, just, finally be, that hated, Bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

Any whichever asset class finally reigns supreme, Frank has clearly shown which one it will definitely not be, our current world reserve currency or any other individual existing, money printable, fiat currency.”

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