Wax (WAXP) The layer one blockchain ecosystem for NFTs

“Consumers Pray to the God of Convenience”

I just discovered the WAX ecosystem today via a Bitboy Crypto conference edition on YouTube where Wax came under discussion towards the latter part of that video.


This aroused my curiosity that finally led me to a dedicated discussion of WAX with the founder himself William Quigley on the Paul Barrow Network YouTube Channel that climaxed with the above mentioned quote at the 9:45 Time stamp

Launched in 2017 with a lot of people in the crypto space asking the question;

“Why do we need a blockchain specifically for NFTs when we can do all that on a regular decentralized exchange?”

I think in the meantime that question has been thoroughly answered. Their WAX blockchain is now the top NTF platform  globally in terms of number of real transactions * a day (up to 20 million in comparison to Ethereum 1 million approx) on it.

* Transactions in the sense of achieving a constructive favourable outcome for the user.

William attributes part of their successful strategy to that slogan that he learned during his time working for Disney. This slogan influences every aspect of the design, construction and development of the WAX blockchain ecosystem.

This is one of four factors that qualifies WAX as a very interesting investment opportunity. The other three being;

  • Under valued at presence,
  • Real world use cases
  • A very experienced team that has been in space for nearly two decades.


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is written for entertainment purposes only.Always do your own research and  seek financial advice from a professional before making any investment decision.

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