Its Goodbye Jamaica National Commercial Bank …or is it?

After several months of trying to reactivate a dormant account in person at a branch where I still had two active existing accounts I decided to write this letter to them.

“I think it may be in the best interest of all parties if I just completely close down all three accounts at your bank and have my funds returned to me. 

I find it an utter disgrace how I have been treated by your bank as a client using your services for several years now. I am now three months further from the time I visited my local branch in person to gain access to my funds, having provided everything they asked for and still as yet you refuse me access to my money. Please stop all accounts and I will provide an account number where remaining funds can be transferred to or otherwise make some arrangement for a cash withdrawal.

I equally have no intention wasting any more of my precious time vegetating away in your queues outside and sitting areas inside.

We are now living in 2022 and it seem you  have gone back decades as regards, progress, efficiency and the basic dignified respect of your clients bending ove backwards to fulfil their request.

These outdated procedures and rules will only serve to accelerate the growing distrust in our banking systems and with more people turning to alternative means to store and preserve their hard earned wealth even if that means hiding it under their mattress again

Because one thing many of the banks seem to keep forgetting is;


not yours”

An update May 2022

All this time I was communicating with JNCBs central communicating channel and finally the local branch manager reached out to me via email and expressed her regret with all the problems I have been experiencing these past few months and wanted to find a quick solution.

She then explained once again a number of reasons (which I already knew) why they have to take such stringent actions inorder to protect their customers funds not only from external sources but also internal ones.

She then added one additional reason;

The Audit 😱

As soon as she stated that word everything that I had been experiencing suddenly made perfect sense.

Anybody that knows anything about audits knows that the people that are employed to carry out an audit …… are basically aliens from another planet or transhuman machines void of any form of human emotion, logic or feeling 😂 If central office had just used that one word in their interaction with me I would have calmed down and acquiesced.

To cut this banking saga short we have come to alternative solution that can still satisfy an audit review and I will probably delay my banking exit plan for now.

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