The ego vs becoming fully informed

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I was listening to two YouTube clips from Dr John Campbell and Suneel Dhand that generated an urge to comment in their reaction columns. But as usual I could not restrict my words to one or two sentences and ended up writing several paragraphs which I kept trying to edit, rewrite and summarise. In the end I gave up and decided to share my final thoughts here.

It’s about reaction towards those informing us and blame when we find out that we had been misled.

As new information comes to light confirming previously rejected suspicions, it comes to a point, where the primary issue is no longer about that new data and its new conclusions in comparison to the previously held conclusion based on the then accepted data, or even about the sources that presented it.

The issue starts turning towards us the recipients of that information in how we choose to analyze, accept or reject it in the first place.

There are various factors influencing this but I believe that the human ego plays a significant role in that choice due to our constant urge to nurture, appease and protect it from anything that would hurt it emotionally. Closely connected and I guess are components of the ego are the traits of pride, stubbornness and fear.

When the ego has full control, no amount of evidence old or new can convince or persuade it otherwise, when it as an ‘uninformed’ mind, believes, that it is, a fully informed one.

The ego causes its holder to become its own worst enemy, virtually blinding it from any other alternative thought, opinion or evidence.

We have to be willing and prepared to make an honest self evaluation asking the question; 

Is there any vulnerability or tendency in myself that causes me to readily accept or reject a certain narrative or opinion?

If we see that there is and we are willing to do something about it we will be taking back control of ‘the ego’ instead of it, continually controlling and imprisoning us, in perpetual state of ignorance and gullibility.

An update 10th November 2022

A friend of mine after reading this blog shared a YouTube video with me which she felt was connected with this subject and after listening to it myself felt compelled to share it with you even though it questions my opinions stated here where maybe the use of an alternative word to the Ego might have been more appropriate. 

The Ego is not something predominantly negative and is a vital aspect of our existence, positive growth and well being.

‘The Ego’ as explained by Emerald from the Diamond Net based on Carl Jung teachings 

Jungian Psychology – The Ego Carl Jung

Emerald’s The Diamond Net YouTube Channel.

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