Bio labs in Ukraine, just another conspiracy theory?

Hey Europe, do you want the good news or bad news first?

The good news is we have (at least temporarily) interrupted the research and production of bio weapons in Ukraine ……

The bad news is how we did it ….

:/ …….

You may want to consider upgrading your mask to a fully fledged SCBA mask with accompanying fully filled oxygen cylinder because I don’t think genetically manipulated virus particles and whatever other chemicals they were dabbling with in these labs respect border boundaries.

Another conspiracy theory just like that absurd Wuhan lab leak one that this time is supposedly instigated by Russian intelligence agencies (possibly justifying their invasion of Ukraine somewhat).

A simple Google ….no sorry … incognito Duckduckgo Search – ‘Ukraines secret bio labs’ reveals a number of different website links that discusses either the fake reporting of or the actual real existence of these labs and the impact they supposedly already had within the communities where they were located.

Whatever the real truth is, the fact remains that the existence of any type of bio lab governed and controlled by Defense will have very little to do with protecting public health and everything to do with damaging and destroying it.

Prevention will always be better than any cure and it starts with the permanent shutting down of these ‘factories of death’.

Instead they prefer to focus on their cure and direct all their negative energy, criticism and assault on any and all who even dare to question their antidote let alone refuse it.

Attention should be redirected to the most likely cause of this Pandemic, the existence of these bio labs and the global devastation they can cause.

However it would seem that our governments have not learned any lessons from these events…

 …. or maybe they have?


The contents of this blog are purely for recreational reading purposes only. Everyone should do their own personal research before drawing any conclusions as regards any possible validity of this content.

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