“Stay hungry stay foolish”

Foto door Léo Vinícius via Pexels

While everyone is panicking with plummeting markets, shares and crypto due to some possible change in interest rates I get side tracked as usual by a random, AI programmed algorithm that it thinks would interest me. 

A 2005 Stansford Commencement address from the late Steve Jobs. 

Just goes to show how well YouTube knows me. For me personally this was another one of those rare  gems amongst the mass of shallow, vain, nonsense, F.U.D. and F.O.M.O. orientated videosclips, updates and news out there.

Although the markets are not really flustering me anyway, this is still timely advice to help, not only me, but anyone to stay calm, focused, remaining on whatever path they have chosen doing what they love. 

At present my chosen path involves a life long learning journey via reading great books, Udemy courses ranging from Crypto to Spanish to Bio Gardening, learning more about money and investing and sharing this journey via this simplistic (still non monetised 🙄) WordPress Blog. 

I still cannot fully see how this will contribute to imminent ‘life changing wealth’ and ‘complete financial independence and freedom’ but listening to Steve I still may not be doing too bad 😃.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward”

3 life stories from Steve Jobs


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