The Chilblain solution that worked for me

I recently got a bad spout of foot chilblains for the first time ever after recovering from Covid (apparently a common post covid ailment). I was surprised and disappointed to hear from my local doctor that there are no ‘quick fixes’ such as pills, painkillers  or temporary foot amputation techniques to at least reduce the nightly ritual of sadistic toe torture that not only completely robbed me of sleep but also got me half crying like a big baby completely confirming women claims that men cannot stand pain 😅.

‘I wish this ailment not, on my worst enemy’ ……

no let me rephrase that. ‘I wish this ailment …only on my worst enemy’. 😈

Well if my doctor and Big Pharma could not help me then maybe ‘old wives tales’ and natural medicine could. To cut a long story short, nothing worked, except for one remedy that was actually meant to serve as a preventative measure before coming down with chilblains. 

This one remedy coincided with my own decision to blow all the advice being given, especially about keeping your feet warm and wrapped up all night and avoiding any form of cold like The Bubonic Plague (or Covid).

I went back to taking cold showers again which I had stopped doing since becoming ill and afterwards just before going to bed soaking my feet in very warm and very cold water with ice cubes intermittently for one minute at a time for ten minutes. I had learned about this from a physiotherapist that was treating my two wrists that I had broken simultaneously at work. I had to apply this very same procedure to my wrists at home to improve my blood circulation there. 

In addition, instead of putting on several layers of socks, safely tucked away under my quilt I stuck my bare feet from under the quilt, hanging out past the mattress towards my open window with no heating on. I just felt that my feet needed to be exposed to fresh air directly.

That night I finally slept like a log after a week of sleepless nights.

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only (even though this is what I really  did do). This is not medical advice. Always consult your doctor first before trying any new therapy, old wives tales (or slightly younger strapping middle aged men stories 😜) realizing that what works for one person may not work for you.

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