How not to get emotional when investing in the Crypto space

Rauol Pal

Macro vs Crypto investing.

As always keeping to my tradition of side tracking from the main topic at hand – Ethereum – while extracting a passing sideline comment from the treasure chest of words coming out of the mouth of this former Hedge Fund Manager now Entrepreneur, Financial & Investment Strategist.

When compared to his approach to macro investing, he feels that crypto investing has not only improved and developed his investing capabilities but is also giving him more joy in his, long term, risk reward outlook.

Crypto has become his coach and instructor in ‘how to invest with less stress‘ no longer having this need or urge to check his ‘P & L’ app on his smartphone every other hour.

But note what he does not use in crypto that he does use in macro investing.

The 7.18 time stamp 

A Jamie Tree YouTube Channel production

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