A very strong case for Ethereum right now

Over the last few weeks I have continually heard a number of voices telling us

 ‘not ignore Ethereum’

despite its continued scaling issues, push back of its 2.0 update, exuberate gas fees and the fact that a number of alternative altcoins such as Solana half already resolved these issues.

Maybe contrary to what I keep emphasising in many of my previous blogs – it’s not all about value, logic and raw solid fundamentals.

George (Crypto RUs) shares with us what that other factor is, in addition to a number of current  fundamentals that still continue to make Ethereum a very worthy, profit making asset that should not be lacking in your crypto currency portfolio. 

He does however conclude with one small but important caveat. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not financial or investing advice (bla bla bla) and is purely for entertainment purposes only. 🙂

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