Why George will always remain bullish on Bitcoin

Karolina Grabowska – Pexels

”Why I will remain bullish on Bitcoin and always will be”

I wanted to post this comment on a Georges Crypto RUs YouTube channel in reaction to this video but for some strange reason it would not post my comment, so I decided to copy and paste it here. For the doorsnee investor both my comments and parts of his video is stuff we already know (or should know by now) but there is nothing like ‘repetition for emphasis’ 🙂 🙃 

But his story gives us another unique view of Bitcoins history that may help us make better decisions now and in the future looking through the lens of an experienced and now very successful crypto investor.

Disclaimer:                                                             This is not financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research or seek advice from a professional before investing your hard earned cash into the crypto space.

“A great personal story thanks for sharing this with us. One interesting factor in your story was your earlier experience with stock trading and panic selling. I think many new crypto investors that have never experienced stock or forex trading could learn some valuable lessons and principles from these experienced pre crypto traders that apply the same techniques and principles into their crypto trading They have an edge over retail investors and newbies. A large number of us have just dived into crypto head first and  learn as we go along (and losing loads of money on the way) Before and since I got into the crypto scene I felt a strong  need to follow some kind of structured course where every aspect of stock market trading in general. I followed a couple of stock trading and a Forex trading course. One of the things all these instructors continually emphasised is the vital importance of developing a disciplined mindset and creating a specific buy and sell strategy or plan of action and to stick to it ruthlessly no matter which way the stock market rate is going because that is also incorporated in that plan. Since then I took another course dealing specifically with crypto trading and the instructor was and is still active in Stock Markets and Forex Trading and he merely reemphasized what all these previous instructors were saying.

They all say the same thing when talking about the losses they incurred. In the vast majority of cases it was due to them (or others they observed)  ignoring that pre-written plan of action, giving into their emotions due to volatile bull or bear like scenarios in the markets. 

I guess that’s where the Fear and Greed Index  comes from that basically dictates the whole financial markets.

It might also explain why Contrarian Style Investors in general do a way lot better than the mass mainstream investor. They have learned how to master those emotions and turn them to a positive use indicator.”

Observe the masses and do the opposite!

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