Don’t repeat history, learn from it!!

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Just browsing through my YouTube subscriptions of Crypto Gurus and this time it was a BitBoy Crypto video clip that caught my attention. Keeping to my tradition of getting completely sidetracked from the two specific altcoins that he really believes will make you rich, it was the reason why he chose those two coins. It has to do with….

The relationship between trading and transaction usage.”

This principle that he enlarges on here can be applied to all altcoins, tokens and possibly to assets in general. I feel his advice can act as a game changer from the general tendency of ‘betting’ on coins to a more fundamentals based approach to choosing those coins.

That being said the “gamblers” have been making a killing but apart from the extremely disciplined players the greed generated and its addictive nature inevitably leads to many of these winning gamblers getting completely wrecked and losing everything.

People like BitBoy Crypto have been in this space for nearly a decade and he has probably seen and experienced everything including losing large sums of money himself. When guys like these speak you really need to pay attention because they are providing you with something even more valuable than that next new coin, they are giving away years of valuable knowledge, experience and wisdom that can help you to avoid making the same mistakes they did. I feel this is what will ‘make you rich’ and prosperous in the crypto space, long term.

But always remember no one has that magic crystal ball and even ‘fundamentals’ can fail at times, nothing is ever 100% risk free. It’s all about risk mitigation while at the same time realising that where there is ‘no pain’ there will also be ‘no gains’ to find.

Anyway I found BitBoy said more here in this 8 minute video than many of his previous hour-long live streaming sessions and he reaches a grand climax right at the end of this one with a special message to the ‘unbelievers’.

Disclaimer: Do not take this blog or his clip as professional advice. It is purely for entertainment purposes only and as always, do your own personal research before investing your hard earned cash in anything.

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