The greatest risk is not to take one.

When large members of the general population think about Crypto and Bitcoin they think about ‘get rich quick’ schemes, leveraged trading where incredible gains are made on coins that have absolutely no intrinsic value and stories of traders getting completely wrecked by ‘longing’ Bitcoin.

“Way too many risks”,”This is not the place for mature, responsible low risk investors”.

Those who did decide to take the ‘risk’ of taking a closer look at this alternative asset class have not only had their paradigm changed about crypto but they have also gained a clearer understanding of how our traditional banking systems work and the fiat currency it is based upon.

It’s like ‘scales falling from their eyes’ suddenly with the realisation that they have an even greater risk of losing the value of their wealth if they continue to just sit and do nothing leaving their savings passively in these banks.

The whole crypto space is no longer limited to providing a path to financial freedom by buying into its assets but it is also becoming a platform that can help individuals analyse their own finances and reduce debts.

Listen into this brief introduction to finance, lending and debt management via the Celsius Network platform with James guest Alex Mahinsky

An Introduction to Celsius with Alex & James

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