Goodness gracious great balls of fire!!

This is very important boys, because it’s about your balls, and we now have a new female medical expert that if you pay her enough money, can fly over to give you a very personal diagnosis: Nicki Minaj.

Sorry I simply couldn’t resist this intro.

Disclaimer: This post and the link I am going to share is not meant to influence your own personal medical choices in any way because that’s what freedom of medical choice is all about; a very, very personal decision that should not be influenced by anyone other than you and your physician. 

As usual I am sidetracked by the story around it that continues to expose an even greater and serious issue that I have been continually highlighting in my blogs.

Extreme, aggressive censorship campaigns that have spread from our mainstream news channels to our social media platforms to supposedly protect us from misinformation.

It is backfiring big time and it’s kind of ironic who is now playing a significant role in exposing where a certain amount of manipulated medical misinformation is coming from. It is now being revealed by their reactions and responses.

A black female rap artist has accomplished more in one tweet than a huge number of highly qualified doctors and scientists that are daring to question and speak out against the official narrative, via thousands of hours of podcast video interviews on various platforms over these past 20 months.

This fact alone is so deep and scary in itself.


Anyway here is the link to the article where anyone has the opportunity to win 1 million dollars if they can disprove his claims. A person that puts his money where his mouth is.

Nicki Minaj was right and all the world’s COVID vaccine experts were wrong

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