An open letter

I wanted to write this on my Facebook wall but decided to just share the link there and share my words here, where writers really read and take note.

These past 18 months have exposed so much more about ourselves, how we live, how we are being governed, the predominating forces that affect decision making, how far censorship can go,  what propaganda sounds like, who gets to decide what is fake and real news (without anyone checking fact checkers)  

The words debate, discussions and the simple act of asking questions is now virtually tantamount to insurrection. 

Even your social media account is not really yours, if Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter don’t like what you say, it will either be removed or they will subtly hide it from your audience without you even realising it (in fact a large number of you will probably not even see this post)

The division within our communities where some have a complete lack of respect for the viewpoint of another. If they don’t verbally attack or threaten you they laugh, mock and label you.

Everyone suddenly became your personal physician, “take the vax!”,”don’t take the vax”.

I am seriously doubting my pre Corona memory but I vaguely remember having this scenario of a doctor patient consultation where  the doctor presents his diagnosis and suggests the best treatment in his opinion clearly stating both benefits and possible side effects. He then takes a step back allowing the patient to process the information even suggesting to go and get a second opinion and come back at a later date.

We now have gone beyond the role of doctor and now feel qualified to prescribe treatment for everyone.

Government appointed chief scientists and experts have now become the new Popes, Priest and Guru of our world that must not be challenged, questioned or contradicted in any way. They are holy, pure and perfect and do not have one  grain of financial , political or career based interest in their vain. Every decision they make is purely and solely based on our immediate to longterm health and well being. ( I am being sarcastic 😏)

In one way nothing has really changed. My recent visit to Rome reminded me that our governments today are merely doing what rulers and world powers have always done since time in memorial; conquer, dominate and control their new citizens and punish those who fail to obey. 

The only difference back then is that everyone fully realised the situation they were in, whereas today we don’t.

I just came across something that was addressed to our Belgium government on the 5th of september 2020. The fact that it took me a year to even stumble across it speaks volumes in itself about the search engines I use.

This is what you get when other doctors and health specialists see things slightly different from the officially appointed expert but are not allowed to talk about it. They have to write letters.

It was written so well that it attracted some international attention and they decided to make it available in several languages.

Sometimes we think we are alone in this world with our conclusions, thoughts and feelings but every now and then we are reminded that we are not.

744 doctors, 

2376 trained health personnel and 

21043 citizens + 1

Open letter

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