The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (according to Napoleon Hill)

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

A book written back in 1937 that is still just as applicable now as it was back then and continues to amaze me with every page turned.

This is an ongoing campaign not only to get you to finally read (or reread) this book or any other highly recommended book out there but also to re emphasize the importance of never judging any book by its cover or when it was written and in this particular case;

 “never judge a chapter by its title’

Chapter 11

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

The Tenth Step towards Riches.

This chapter will be a disappointment for those seeking a passing moment of erotic reading pleasure and it could be a  missed opportuniy for the prudish, sexual puritan that immediately rejects anything with the word ‘sex’ in it.

For me personally this is yet another literary masterpiece within the same book, while at the same time providing deep insight into the phenomenon and power of natural sexual desire. It’s another vital ingredient in that recipe for success. It reveals how geniuses are created.

A small teaser;

“If you believe yourself unfortunate because you have “loved and lost” perish the thought. One who has loved truly, can never lose entirely.”

” …. love is spiritual, while sex is biological. No experience, which touches the human heart with a spiritual force, can possibly be harmful, except through ignorance, or jealousy.”

Pg 190 (ebook formaat)

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