The face mask – to protect or control ?

This was an article I wrote in October of last year but I decided not to publish it. I felt it was written with too much emotional charge and I just needed to calm down and come back to my senses. I am also trying to avoid all these heated arguments on social media where the idea of discussion, open debate and mutual respect is completely lacking. I also do not want to be associated with any extremist or conspiracy groups that are also politically motivated and preach one sided stories to prove their theories.

However several months later based on the continued revelations now coming to light I have decided to publish it anyway in its original form even though one or two points can now be questioned in the light of new evidence. The reason for doing this will be revealed in my concluding comments. I also added a few additional links that will be self explanatory.

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When the initial threat of the Covid-19 infection entered Europe I automatically started practicing ‘social distancing’ to the extent that I prematurely stopped all my fully paid dance lessons that I was attending and I stopped going to salsa parties. I was not so much afraid of getting infected myself. I was more frightened of me being responsible for any initial infection amongst my family, friends and work colleagues thereby putting them and their livelihoods in unnecessary inconvenience and danger.
However I was also initially against the wearing of face masks in public due to the terrible short supply in the emergency, hospital and nursing home sectors. The act of wearing one on the street just felt plain selfish because it was yet another face mask that was desperately needed on the front battle lines to protect both staff and vulnerable patients Additionally the official policy on national and international levels such as the W.H.O. repeatedly told us that wearing a face mask in public served no real purpose. But now public health policy has changed advising us to do just the opposite. 
The new slogan being
‘Wearing a face mask protects others”’
When you wear a mask it shows your solidarity and concern for others around you because you may have already been infected without showing any symptoms. We have now entered a situation where we begin to feel guilty and selfish if we don’t wear one.
However for some strange reason I am now having difficulty with this line of reasoning and the fact that this is going to become a part of my daily attire in general public life.
One reason has to do with what they told us initially when they obviously knew otherwise.  The reasoning behind the ‘little white lie’ being that they had to maintain this viewpoint to protect the rapidly diminishing supply does not change the fact that it was ‘a lie’ or just basic misinformation coming from our official sources. It does not seem to be a very good way to build and maintain trust  with an audience. It also shows how much confidence and trust they have in the general public. They do not believe in the common good spirit of the community as a whole in a crisis situation. However the facts have clearly proven otherwise. There has been a large show of human solidarity, self sacrifice and support for one another with many donations of face masks being given to those institutions that needed it. I personally believe that if they had just told us the simple plain truth in the first place that a large percentage of the general public would have still donated any face masks that they possessed and refrained from buying and hoarding masks that they did not have.
This only causes us to question the new advice and strategy being given information and leaves us wondering about any other information that we are not being told about.
What adds to our confusion is that unofficial sources and individuals (the so called fake news sources) were advising people to wear masks in public in direct contradiction to official government statements. We are now also hearing of reports of possible manipulation of Covid-19 death rate statistics. If this is true why would anyone want to manipulate these statistics? In our current news climate it almost seems that this virus is responsible for every fatality taking place on the planet right now. Covid-19 is finishing off what other illnesses initiated in the first place in addition to normal life expectancy. It seems that even someone that dies in a car accident is tested for Covid-19 and if he or she is positive then they can add that to the statistics as well. (Note I said ‘it seems’ I am not saying that this has been done)
The psychological fear factor that has been generated by these statistics and constant official news reporting seems to be causing more harm than the virus itself. How can our bodies fight against any disease if it is already riddled with so much fear?
We all need to realise that despite coming into the information age we have now entered the age of misinformation where we cannot automatically accept and trust anything we are being told from any source official or unofficial. We have check, double check and compare everything we are being told. We have the capacity to think and the right to question, especially things that will affect us directly sooner or later.
All of a sudden this mask that was originally designed as a tool of personal safety and protection seems to become a tool of control and a symbol of prevention of freedom of speech. Because whenever anyone questions current government policy or offers alternative solutions many are quickly silenced and censored in the name of public health and maintaining social rest.
Periodically a horrible gut feeling keeps surfacing within me that says; “they have created a horrible monster to validate all these unprecedented restrictions from lockdowns, control of our movements, family and social activity. They have created a virus that can be used as a scapegoat for the long overdue global recession that is now inevitable while destroying so many jobs, livelihoods and businesses that will make millions of people completely dependent on the state for financial and physical survival. They have taken away our fundamental human rights and freedoms turning this facemask into a symbol of mass control instead of its original purpose of protection.
You don’t like wearing a mask? No problem, the vaccine is coming. Yes if the mask does not control us they can always just vaccinate us into submission.
Believe it or not I am not totally against vaccinations. Both myself and my children have had certain vaccinations. If I base my limited knowledge of history concerning life expectancy and health then I feel that the development and science of medicine has played a major role in our generally improved health standards and longevity. My main concern and issue is with the vast amounts of profits that are associated with and generated with the development and sale of vaccines. Profits that go to a very small group of people. What initially served as a pure noble desire to improve and save lives has now been tainted by big business and profits. Money and profits nurtures greed, dishonesty and corruption and corrupts the program. In addition to this is the seeming complete exemption from liability. Based on some reports concerning vaccine programs in various countries where groups of people including children have unwittingly served as guinea pigs for the testing of vaccines that have not only failed but initiated horrific side effects. The sponsors and promoters being completely free from any legal or moral responsibility.
I also do not understand why very little attention is being given to how we can possibly reduce at least the severity of symptoms by taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. Yes I am talking with a certain amount of ignorance as regards how these viruses attack us and that sometimes the severity is related to an overreaction of our immune system. We still have so much more to learn about these viruses but we also still have so much more to learn about the full effectiveness and side effects of existing vaccines never mind the development of new ones. Finding the perfect balance is no easy task but this should never justify imbalance, a seemingly  blatant refusal to examine alternative solutions and remedies and with seeming disregard for our fundamental human rights, freedom of choice and freedom of movement.
I hope I am wrong. I do not want to believe that individuals or organisations would purposely do something like this. Whatever the real truth is we found ourselves in a situation now where we do need to take precautionary measures now and support any long term sustainable remedy, treatment or even a vaccine in the future that has been thoroughly tested in a ethically correct way. A place where I can fully get my head around wearing a face mask in public because the emphasis is on ….
protection and not control.

Foto door Anna Shvets via Pexels

Never underestimate your gut feeling, if you think something is wrong then it probably is. 

Dr Steven Quay final report hearing regarding origin of Covid19. (

U.S. Hearing and debate about the ever growing evidence of Lab Leak Hypothesis, discussion and recommendations about Gain of function research.

Julia Hartley Brewer on Talk Radio. What the hell has this got to do with our jabs?

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