Where lies the real value in any cryptocurrency?

Dear Bitcoin disciples please do not watch this  video. You will not like it. No it’s not about his profanity or the fact that he seemed to have just taken something or that he repeated himself and missed one date by 100 years.

Maybe this is a whale stunt? Maybe it isn’t. Maybe he had a chat with Peter Schiff. Maybe he didn’t. This was a year ago when Elon Musk had not yet decided to accept Bitcoin and then reject it for Dogecoin.

Maybe it’s because he is so angry that the blockchain cryptocurrency technology is not being used at its fully anonymous potential which he views as the key to complete financial freedom and off grid independence.

All I know is that, even when he seems to be ‘half stoned’ he can still hold your attention, teach history, current affairs, make future financial forecast and answer his own very thought provoking question. 😳

John McAfee


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