John McAfee final interview

Why do we begin to take notice of some people when they are no longer here? Why do some people become heros when they were not the very best of examples to follow as regards lifestyle, habits and interaction with various police and local governments authorities?

This is the second interview I have just watched from the now 100 or more videos that seem to be circulating the Internet & YouTube. With every interview my eyebrows are raised in astonishment with this guys incredible knowledge, wisdom & experience that go way beyond anti virus software (which in his own words, no longer works)

From rating South American prisons to the I.R.S. to Bitcoin and the BlockChain to his simple personal take on Pandemic Statistics reporting this guy knows his stuff.

Despite his sometimes very reckless and immoral lifestyle you can still learn from this guy the same way that he became succesful by learning from hackers, embracing and hiring them to work for him. His line of reasoning being, ‘if I want to design and build the best bank safe, I need to find and hire the best bank robber.’

I think his final loyal partner in crime Janice McAfee (an ex prostitute) will have lots more anecdotes and secrets to share when his final autobiography comes out.

P.S. Apparently John McAfee was not suicidal, but that’s another story in itself.

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