Max does not want to give fiat currency added power.

Every week I get introduced to a new world acclaimed, investing guru.

Max Kieser.

And ‘Stansberry Research’ does it again with yet another really interesting interview.

The trouble with me is that I regularly get sidetracked from the main point or theme of the interview due to some sideline comments and statements being made during the interview.

Infact I swept over his astronomical price prediction for Bitcoin by the end of this year but really began to pay attention to, his take, on our present day, global, financial fiasco and setup that according to him is the cause of many continued injustices & evils in our world.

It all started when the question arose about when he would consider selling his Bitcoin.

His initial words formulated the title of this blog.

While being a very positive and informative video for Bitcoiners it should be of equal if not more interest to ‘earth people’ in general that want to improve their financial literacy.

Although I recommend listening to the whole video, for those that have no interest in Bitcoin or with limited time you can always jump to the 30 minute marker.

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