Vaccine, anti viral drug or both?

A very rare combination in these highly divisive times concerning the methods and techniques being promoted, expressed and implemented in fighting this pandemic and where the two main extreme camps only seem to be sharing information that solely supports their viewpoint while at the same time sowing seeds of doubt and mockery if not completely rejecting anything that opposes or questions their methodology.

Once again Dr John Campbell shows that a different approach is possible, where anything and everything that plays a positive role in fighting this disease is explored, acknowledged and presented.

One video, where two (what might be viewed by some as opposing) forms of treatments are being discussed in a very positive and informative way giving you the listener the opportunity, time and space to choose one or the other,…… or both forms of treatment that can exist as ‘allies’ instead of ‘enemies in defeating Covid-SARS-2 and because we are all unique individuals and we will inevitably make different choices anyway.

Due to the ongoing extreme censorship campaign taking place on all our social media platforms I cannot guarantee how long this video will be available on YouTube and if you are fortunate to see it then record it, if you like it.

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