Global Disinformation and a few rules to decide who to listen to.

Dr John Campbell is one of the very few information sources out there that I regularly consult for news, facts and updates that seem to be unbiased and free from political influence and interest.

Someone that does not have to worry about being black listed from the national council of doctors, someone that does not have to worry about losing his position, job, his high income that he needs to pay off his or her mortagage on that villa, the swimming pool and his Audi car lease. Someone that is either saving for or is in the process of having to pay for their childrens university education. Someone that is not being sponsored by any interest group.

I believe we should always keep an open mind and be willing to listen to both sides of any argument even when they are in contrast to our own current convictions.

I personally have come to the conclusion that, 

the more I learn the greater the awareness of my ignorance. 

This makes me even more cautious in how I share my viewpoint because I realise that,

absolute conviction does not automatically mean absolute truth.

In the end we still have to believe in something, otherwise we will remain indecisive in limbo and sometimes it is our very belief that helps us to achieve the otherwise impossible.

But we should never blind ourselves to alternate choices, opinions and options that sometimes crosses our paths due to maintaining that open mind and spirit.

When conclusive evidence shows that we are clearly wrong, will we allow our ego to rule or our gut feeling and basic common sense?

This video also confirms my own thoughts about the very intentional input of false information from all sides that seems to be more designed to confuse us than necessarily getting us to take any side.

The less we unite as a community the easier it is to,

divide and conquer us.

I also believe that the growing popularity of fake news, influencers and misinformation is the growing lack of trust in our official information sources. The constant lack of transparency, constant adjustment of information and the very obvious connections with massive financial interest only serve to alienate an ever growing number of the general public. This has become a pandemic in itself.

Sorry I got a bit carried away here but what I am basically trying to say is while you endeavour to keep an open mind choose your information sources very wisely and observe if their primary focus is on manipulating and controlling your thoughts and actions, or individuals that seem more primarily concerned with boosting their own image and ego.

Or does this information source stimulate you to start thinking more for yourself, to do your own additional research and then steps back, giving you the time and space to,

 draw your own conclusions. 

…instead of having them drawn for you.

Because when you make the time and effort to do this, combined with your existing life experience, that knowledge becomes very powerful and contributes to the general growing self awareness slowly taking place worldwide.

I keep saying it,

 do not underestimate yourselves, you know a lot more than you realise,

..sometimes other people merely confirm what you already knew.

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