Bitcoin, FUD and bearish volatility. Where the real danger lies?

Once again I watched a video about a main topic and got stuck on a side note.

Micheal Saylor shares his take on the recent volatile dumping of Bitcoin and what the real state of affairs is. A short interview that should ease the fears of recent investors that bought at the recent top of 60,000$. If you think long term and have not panic sold then you still have made a very good, long term investment with the prospect of incredible gains.

The part that really drew my attention however and always raises my emotions is the media generated FUD once again. This past twelve months with this Corona pandemic reporting and now with Bitcoin clearly shows how mainstream media works.

It seems like a strategy purposely designed to manipulate people’s thinking and actions. We can clearly see in both cases how effective it has been. 

But more and more people seem to be slowly waking up and then the very same FUD sources are surprised to discover the growing number of people that have completely switched off from watching official news altogether while others turn to unreliable news and information sources on YouTube and social media.

But this exodus of attention has created new platforms that are gaining a trustworthy reputation in publishing accurate news without the FUD (many of the founders being disillusioned journalists whose consciences could no longer allow them to stay where they were). 

These recent Bitcoin headlines will only serve to further alienate a potential younger audience that were rarely listening anyway. This can also be seen by the large number of Bitcoin Hodlers that still did not sell.

Yes, Bitcoin continues to live up to its volatile reputation by going up and down like a roller coaster but in a gradual, long term, upward trend within the beautiful rainbow colours of the EMA ribbon.

But if I was either a major shareholder, employer or employee in one of these media institutions I would gradually start to ‘FUD’ up about my own situation somewhat,

…because the patterns in the charts are clearly indicating…

lower lows and lower highs ...

as regards the general public’s opinion, confidence and belief in your words. 

So instead of Bitcoin going to zero it’s our official, mainstream, monopolised, news media sources that could quickly be reduced to ZERO credence and worth at this rate.

So you tell me, who is really in danger here?

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