The Peoples Bitcoin Wall Challenge

Wil Didi Taihuttu create a new Reddit GameStop, Silver Squeeze 2.0  revolution?

To stop the obvious Bitcoin price manipulation being orchestrated by the big financial players?

I don’t really know.

However one of the main points in Stephen Covey book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was the importance of transition from independence to interdependence because when we join a team or group of like minded people we create synergy, we realise our greatest potential, we accomplish things that we could never have achieved on our own.

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite here because I am a fiercely independent loner, avoiding any kind of group or community like the plague. Maybe this is a new window of opportunity to change.

I also hate trying to convince, influence or motivate anyone into doing anything.

I can only revert back to my original goal in writing blogs;

‘I am you and you are me’

….. and maybe by sharing a piece of me it can help you to learn something new about yourself.

The Peoples Bitcoin Wall Challenge!! 

The Bitcoin Family

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