Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?

Alex Becker’s Channel on YouTube

Love him or hate in him, there seems some strange element of truth in his words.

One of the quotes that keeps ringing in my ears is,

“you make money when you buy not sell”

not saying that you should never sell but that the basis for the profit from that future sale was the time when you originally bought it.

Adding to this my personal contra viewpoint about everyone being so happy because of the large amount of big institutional interest and investment into  Bitcoin as a viable hedge to counteract fiat currencies decreasing value.

What we have to realise is that the more these big players buy into Bitcoin the more Bitcoin will start behaving like the corrupt financial world that we are trying to escape endeavouring to push out the small fish.

For me personally this massive price dump is an example of that behaviour. Create panic selling so that they can buy into Bitcoin at a very discounted prices.

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