The Bitcoin dump. Zoom out instead of freaking out!

thoughtcatolog – pexels

Well I guess if anyone is going to know a thing or two about Bitcoin it’s going to be Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and three kids.

Because after selling everything back in 2016 and buying into Bitcoin bear market and instead of panicking with the price collapse in 2018 only went and bought more Bitcoin, they have seen this all before.

This is the first time I have visited their channel because I thought this channel was going to be like the Kim Kardashians soap series where we have to sit and watch people gloating in their amassed wealth and drowning in shameless luxury, villas, cars, boats and jachts.

Well lets just say I slightly misjudged this family. I will let their website speak for itself;

In comparison to a few other Bitcoin Channels that I am following this has to be one of the calmest and most reassuring Bitcoin updates I have seen thus far.

So zoom out, instead of freaking out!!

Just a few simple charts that no else seems to be talking about.

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