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Plant based clean eating diet

It was not only the valuable insights she provided in this blog with us but it was also the very humble way that she shared it with us and a beautiful example of how we should all share our opinions and beliefs with each other at all times. 

Whenever I read good blog content like this it always inspires me to write as well;

I really enjoyed this blog in so many ways. Very interesting insights and while having the upper most respect for the study and work of dieticians, sometimes  not being one, gives you a small advantage. You are able to still keep an open mind to alternative schools of thought and ideas that have not been written down in the text books. One of which as you very clearly emphasize is the importance of stopping and listening to what our own body is trying to tell us. 

I sometimes think that our gut feelings originate from our genes that contain the sum total experiences of our forefathers. We should never underestimate ourselves; we know a lot more than we realise!  


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