How to become a millionaire with Crypto fast and how to exit.

Monicore in pexels

The Moon interviewing Bitboy Crypto and as usual I get stuck and focus on one passing comment instead of focusing on the main theme of the video.

It’s the part where Bitboy Crypto discusses his bear exit strategy that seems to contradict a previous blog I posted about “Where do the profits from Bitcoin come from?

I talk about the ‘Bitcoin hypocrites’ investors that don’t really believe in its long term future and decentralisation ideology and have no issues dumping everything when that bear trend is clearly in full swing and running with the profits.

Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??

But does selling 75 % or more of your crypto portfolio, (particularly your alt coins as opposed to your stable coins) really mean that you have lost faith in the whole concept and future of Crypto?

Well maybe my definition needs to be adjusted somewhat.

The key sentence and main point for me personally, was at the 12 minute marker, but as always you should listen to the whole interview with the usual disclaimer in mind; 

This is not financial advice, always do your own research or seek professional advice before investing your money in any kind of trading activity.

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