The Power of Synergy

This phenomenon is Habit 6 in Steven Covey book

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

and while the Cambridge Dictionary gives a clear definition of the word it does tend to give an almost exclusive impression of a group of like minded individuals working together to achieve exponential results.

But Stephen discusses this word from a different angle, where groups of people have to come together, with very opposing viewpoints and opinions with the reasoning that ……

‘The essence of synergy is to value the differences.’

…and his argument being that in many cases, it is these very differences that produce synergy.

He shares a list of real life examples proving his theory in this chapter.

(If you still have not read this book yet maybe because it looks like way too much to go through in one go, then maybe try to view it as 7 smaller books, that you can read and digest 1 book at a time).

In the New Insights section (page 331) Sean Covey shares the story of two university students where he empasizes an aspect that most articles skip over very lightly. Their initial interaction, right from day one, paraphrased in the following sentence;

‘they found each other initially obnoxious, they shared very contradicting viewpoints on life and they were complete opposites in character and habits.’

When you discover what these two students built and accomplished as a team it will fully seal your understanding of …

     … the power of synergy.

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