Typical parent child conversation

Seven Habits of Highly Effective people – Stephen R Covey (The updated version by Sean Covey)

Habit 5

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

From Page 284 to 291 – The typical parent child conversation.

You have to read or reread this section before engaging in another conversation / argument with your son or daughter again (actually you should read the whole book). 

Thats why I am not going to share that conversation with you here ( in addition to a possible copyright infringement :\  )

But I will risk sharing an additional point at the bottom of page 280 to motivate you to go read that chapter …… its the paradox of empathic listening

….. inorder to have influence, you have to be influenced.

I had to laugh at myself and immediately  send a message of apology to my own now, adult children because of being guilty of this so many times.

If by sharing this I can maybe help one family avoid this typical mistake then this blog will have accomplished something good today.

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