Don’t let the internet form and mold you into something or somebody else.

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I always found it strange when so many readers like some of the YouTube links that I post because I figured that everyone who is interested in the same subjects would have those same videos suggested or recommended to them as well, but it apparently does not work like that.

In fact I now realise that every living internet user probably has their own unique selection of recommendations and search engine suggestions all based on their previous search requests, reading and watching activity, likes, comments,  purchases, age, gendor, nationality, geographical location etc.

So I could actually gain a great following just sharing my search & watch recommendations because no one else has my exclusive selection.

In many cases these platforms actually feed on our existing convictions and tickle our ears, reinforcing ideas that can be both true or false.

This helps me to understand why so many people end up becoming radicalised because they merely followed what their search engines presented to them.

This maybe also explains the increased division in the world and within individual countries even among the natural native population.

I just watched another YouTube recommendation and although the implications are quite shocking and it is something that my gut feeling was telling me was going to happen anyway I always have to stop and wonder whether I am merey being manipulated based on that one sided list being presented to me.

Plus the fact of having a lifetime experience of being proven completely wrong with so many things that I was completely convinced about. Sometimes it was my own children that pointed out the discrepency to me. 

My basic message to you all is be careful out there. Intentionally or unintentionally we seem to be exposed to subtle forms of manipulation that causes large groups of viewers and readers to believe opposing ideas, contributing to an even greater form of division and polarisation amongst us.

And this division is distracting our attention away from more important global issues threatening us and that could be tackled more effectively if we were more united.

The internet is like Bear Grylls on a survival run  in a tropical rainforest filled with both beneficial and poisonous herbs, plants, flowers and fruits trees. Its gaining the ability and experience to know what is what, inorder to stay alive and thrive.

Do your own research, use private search settings or search engines like duckduckgo as much as possible. It has nothing to do with hiding but more to do with not letting the search engine decide for you what it thinks you should see.

Be willing to listen to platforms and individuals that do not share your viewpoint. I hate and do not normally discuss any kind of politics but if you want to know the real truth about your political party then you should listen to the opposition more often. Check your friends’ search results on the same subject and compare.

But maybe better still disconnect more often and spend more time in the real world with your family, neighbours and friends, remember like we use to do before the internet took off. You can enter an offline search request and listen to their search results answers.

Recently I did this with my own adult children that asked me for the, so many time, if I had watched that film that they both recommended;

‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix

Yes I realise this sounds contradictory because I just told you to get offline but when you do go back online then add this one to your bucket list of must watch documentories. It will give you an added incentive to get back offline a.s.a.p. It confirmed my above mentioned conclusions perfectly.

Yes, get offline more often even if it means that you will also have less time to follow me here on WordPress.

Because it is not always about searching reading, listening to other people’s answers, conclusions, convictions and stories it’s also about you being able to talk to us.

Sharing your story with a character of conviction that was not formed or created by the internet.

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