The key to the ninety-nine is the one.

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R Covey and my ongoing review of this book.

Yes I know I am a very, very slow reader. I prefer depth to quantity and this is one of those books that simply cannot be rushed if you want to digest its full value and worth. 

But it may also have to do with my constant stopping to underline and make notes in addition to this constant urge to share. It seems like almost every other page imparts a simple statement of profound truth that leaves me in awe.

My experience may not be yours but I am still fairly confident that this book will still not leave you completely untouched and can bring added value and meaning to your lives especially in your interaction and relationship with other people.

And on that note of human interaction when having to deal with that one problem person in the group;

Part 3 – Paradigms of Interdependence,  page 227, half way down …..

“The key to the ninety-nine is the one.

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