Invest like Aysha van de Paer

I am a little bit jealous today.

I stumbled across a very interesting blog from this woman and instantly recognised her financial wisdom and insight. I was so impressed with what I read that I not only wanted to subscribe immediately but decided to message her as well (no no no, it’s not what you’re thinking, ulterior dating motives, no really!!).

The message was both a compliment and a request. The reason being her blog and teaching services are specifically designed for women. Her mission and goal is to empower women because, as she herself experienced, women face a much greater risk of financial difficulties in comparison to their male counterparts and there are next to none platforms that are specifically designed for them.

My argument that she could instantly double her following due to the simple fact that there are a large number of men in the same boat (partly due to the very high risk of being financially liquidated by their female partners). 

Unfortunately her response clearly indicated that both arguments simply did not tempt or touch her in anyway. She has no intention, interest or desire to change her female orientated website and approach.

So like I said I am a little bit jealous of all you single, independent women out there that now have a highly skilled financial guru, coach and advisor to follow that not only practices what she preaches,…

but is yet another living proof of the words of Aretha Franklin with her younger soul sister Annie Lennox …

Happy investing ladies 😘

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