The Vitamin D saga continues with David Davis MP

Based on a interview on You Tube with Mr David Davis  MP and Dr John Campbell.

A very interesting discussion based on an incredible amount of knowledge, insight and decades of working experience. I was so impressed I had to make notes. This intro is basically a summary of some of the highlights from that discussion.

These are doctors that do believe in following the official government health guidelines and the current vaccination campaign. They consider that we are very lucky with the fact that we now have four schools of vaccine technology ranging from the century old dead bug method to these latest mRNA techniques that can be developed in a fraction of the time. They do not belong to the ‘anti vaxxers’ or ‘its a conspiracy’ group. 

However they equally cannot understand the lack of government response and support of both urgent sponsoring of research into Vitamin D and in not initiating campaigns to encourage everyone to get their levels checked and supplemented. Right from the very beginning of this Pandemic statistical evidence was indicating a very strong correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and seriousness of symptoms among Covid 19 patients and that circumstantial evidence has only increased ever since and yet to date very little has been done to thoroughly research these findings as a potential additional medium in fighting this Pandemic. .

Anything that indicates a contributing factor to reducing casualties and saving lives should be vigorously looked into and implemented into their current public safety health guidelines while research continues and while they continue with their vaccine program.

Especially something that should not be deficient in the first place, that makes up a part of our natural immune system and according to many researchers that specialise in this field does not carry such a great risk of toxicity as some would have us believe, especially if taken under a doctor’s supervision. The benefits go way beyond this Covid Pandemic serving to boost our immune system in fighting against a whole range of respiratory and other illnesses and possible future pandemics caused by some new virus. It almost also goes without saying that it could also contribute to reducing the flow of hospital and IT care admissions in general as well.

Is this remedy way too simplistic in a world of science that can only accept complex answers?

Is this possibly too cheap (the so called ‘Perfume Effect’ where only the expensive one can be socially acceptable and taken seriously?

Is there some fear that this could detract from their vaccine campaign instead of viewing it as a partner and supplement to that campaign?

Is there some possible issue with revenue and funding not only for big pharma but also the research institutions that need that extra revenue to continue existing and future research activity?

Maybe the whole method of funding research institutions needs to be called into question to avoid any conflict of interest between research of new remedies while discovering natural remedies that produce positive results. Both channels should be equally sponsored and supported regardless. 

Despite the negative reputation and sometimes exaggerated promotion of supplements if it is seen to make a difference then prejudice needs to be pushed to one side in the primary interest of public health.

Instead of there being some kind of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ it may have more to do with the whole set up of ‘peer review’ research that creates a kind of ‘comfort  zone’ that completely discourages suggestions and solutions ‘outside the box’ and that will be frowned upon within the established order and protocol?

He then quoted an actual example where a group of doctors decided to apply a different protocol due to the emergency situation at hand.

The East of Virginia Medical School made up of about  half a dozen practitioners decided that they were going to apply the;

‘The math + Protocol.

We are just going to look and see what works and use it and basically ask questions later.

They cut the death rate by 75 %

Those were some of the topics discussed and something that I still cannot get out of my head after all these months.

Something that gives a very strong indicator of reducing suffering and saving lives is still being widely ignored and pushed aside as irrelevant.

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