A world united in chaos or control?


This is the type of stuff I write about at 2 a.m. in the morning trying to process all the bits and pieces of information and data bombarding me these past several months and trying to make some sense and logic from it all.

I have never seen such unity of action amongst such a wide variety of political world powers ranging from Democracies to Republics to Communism to Monarchies and even Dictatorships. They all seem unified in their approach to this Pandemic. It seems as if there is not one government on this planet that dares to question the global management of this Pandemic, interpretation of statistics, methods of treatment and lockdown measures taken. The majority just seem to follow suit.

This then leads me to another question that I have been asking myself for a long time.

Who is really in control?

It certainly does not seem to be the United States anymore based on their leaders ability to ‘Tweet or not to Tweet’. But even China does not seem to be in total control either.

The only other really big players seem to be found in a number of very inconspicuous organisations that have effectively remained in the background for decades despite having extreme influence, power and control over world policies.

The I.M.F., W.E.F. and the BIS (based in Sweden)

There is a principle I learned from scripture about debt and control that I don’t think I need to clarify any further.

Purely by coincidence I started to learn about macroeconomics, its history, the current state of our world economy and the background discussion of the great reset that is apparently closer than most people realise.

When you take the time to study this subject you will realise that this Pandemic is very conveniently timed. 

This will dramatically affect our existing wealth, freedom and privacy. There is even talk of the creation of a new global crypto currency based on the existing SDR currency that the IMF uses. The privacy and control implications are immense.

Does that sound a bit too far fetched? Well jump into your time machine and go back just two years and tell the world about what to expect in the following year as regards illegal Lockdowns parties, face masks and social distancing.

The irony of it all is that those who are planning it have been openly talking and writing about it on their websites and platforms for years.



And no individual government will dare defy them because that would mean their individual financial and economic downfall.

The general publics focus and attention has been redirected to daily infection rates and deaths instead to keep us diverted in fear and anxiety.

Meanwhile all these imposed lockdown measures have led to the loss of millions of jobs and bankruptcies of so many businesses and livelihoods that will never come back.

Inflation and worldwide mass unemployment is turning millions of people into helpless victims that now have to completely rely on the State for a welfare check. This in turn gives ‘The State’ even more power and control over the masses, to conform, subdue and discourage any form of rebellion.

Many when they are not glued to the latest news one TVs are way too busy spending their welfare checks at Walmart or investing in overvalued stocks and shares to notice that their last remaining residues of basic liberties, freedom of choice and privacy are slowly evaporating into the few droplets of Corona free aerosols floating around in our presently free thin air.

Yes the world governments are finally uniting in chaos to help create the perfect excuse for even more control.

The Great Reset is at hand.


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