Where did this virus really come from?

The best place to hide a big tree of truth is in a huge forest of lies, the more untruths circulating the better.

Anyway while filtering through all the bits of information still being thrown at me, everynow and then I stumble across little gems of data that reveal a similar pattern that originates from completely different and unconnected sources.

Two completely different individuals that as far as I can see have no connection with each other coming to the same conclusion.

Dr John Campbell 

A retired Nursing Teacher & A and E Nurse



Even though I don’t always agree with all his viewpoints he seems to be very thorough and consistent in gathering a large amount of independent research data and presenting it in an unbiased way with no seeming political or financial agenda.

The first part of this report.


And second source;

Professor Giuseppe Tritto

Based on his new book only in Italian

“Cina Covid 19. La chimera che ha cambiato il mondo – Libro”


Some of his credentials;




It was really difficult Googling this information which in itself tells us something about this topic, that tree maybe.

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