Covid-19 in the U.S. – Two different perspectives.

For those of you that have little to no interest in the future of the U.S. & global economy but do have an intense interest (or hatred) in the latest Covid-19 infection rate statistics then skip straight to the 1 hour and 28 minutes marker of this interview battle with Harry Dent & Peter Schiff take on this particular part of the debate. The U.S. & Covid-19. 

Despite my own personal viewpoint I always endeavour to keep an open mind and listen to both sides of any argument.

The fact that every human being is unique means that everyone can share a unique perspective on the same topic and help us to see a situation through a different lens that we may have never realised or considered.

But this same fact may also mean that we may still draw different conclusions from the very same facts presented and this should be o.k. as well. Mutual respect, agree to disagree but at least we were willing to listen and contemplate the opposing argument.

Personally the whole debate is extremely interesting giving us both a history lesson and future forecast of where we are heading economically, but once again if you have no interest or time then the 1 hour 28 minute marker where the host Greg Owen poses this question.

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