Wim Hof

Speaking as an absolute novice beginner after just three days I felt compelled to share a message to a certain group of non believers.

A segment of the non believing community that have taken a oath to forever socially distance themselves from any substance, whether it be in solid, liquid or airlike form that is anywhere in the region of 0° celsius.

Well I have news for you. You do not need to break that solemn oath to experience at least some of the many benefits of the ‘Wim Hof Breathing Method’.

This claim is purely based on my own initial experience. The feeling & sensation that swept through my body after the second complete beginners session, lying on the floor, on a mat, inside, fully clothed and completely dry was absolutely amazing!!

It was as if I was attached to a battery charger while at the same time feeling a level of complete relaxation that I simply cannot recall experiencing in a very long time.

This in itself, although being merely a fraction of his whole program is worth it and all it will cost you is some of your precious time.

But has he advises, if you are of a certain age or have any health issues please consult your doctor first. But even if you do get the green light, listen and follow Wim Hofs instructions very carefully even with this initial part of his program ( including the part about an empty stomach (once again speaking out of personal experience :/ ))

But in conclusion one extra warning, if you do get this far and actually confirm what I have just shared with you there is a very strong possibility that you won’t stop here. You may actually end up breaking your oath.

Don’t say I did not warn you. 😀



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