Eric Sprott

I am going to keep this blog as short as possible.

This blog will be of no use to those of you that no this guy already but for all the ‘would be precious metal investors’ that don’t then it’s about time that you do.

Just a small tip before you frantically start ‘Googling’ him, anyone or anything else for that matter, include an ‘incognito‘ searching as well in your default search engine or use one like http://www.duckduckgo.

Nothing to do with trying to hide anything and everything to do with using a search engine that does not decide for you what it thinks you need to find based on your previous search history activitity, cookie settings and preprogrammed A.I. algorithms settings.

Sometimes it’s that one supposedly insignificant article on the last page of your default search engine results that you really wanted to find in the first place.

Especially for the  Contrarian Style of Investors among you that,

‘observe the masses and do the opposite’

Happy Search Engine Browsing everyone.

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Life begins at fifty something

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