A general disclaimer

A general disclaimer for all blogs posted on “morganwise.blog” & “wiseguy2016 wordpress” platforms;

All my posts are based on my own personal opinions & observations as an ordinary layman without any claim to being a qualified expert in the fields of topics being discussed (except the ‘how to be an ordinary laymen’ topics).

A large number of my blogs are based on  information provided by other writers, bloggers, experts, official recognised online databases and mainstream media news sources. With some merely providing a direct  link to the original news or blog post. While in other cases   I will endeavour to provide the original names of persons or organisations and URL links within the blog post. The intention being that you can check these sources for yourself, draw your own conclusions and choose to act on or ignore any advice given.

I have no desire to influence, manipulate or persuade anyone.  I am merely sharing my thoughts on the matter and those of others. 

Thus in the majority of cases any incorrect information that would exist comes from the original source being utilised. Please feel free to notify me if any such discrepancies are detected. 

I am also equally open to hearing any counter arguments that may shed additional light on the topic being discussed and that may adjust my personal conclusions on the matter. 

Thank you for reading.

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Life begins at fifty something

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