The Pool Party – A slightly different meaning in the Afro Latin social dancing scene.

I was trying to find some more lessons for solo salsa dancing when I stumbled across this casino partner dancing lesson.

This is a very interesting video to watch for anyone out there that has never seen or experienced salsa dance lessons. If you realise that salsa dancers (under normal non Covid circumstances) follow lessons sometimes two to three times every week from September to May and sometimes taking additional mini summer classes as well, then this will help you understand their main reason and motive for going to Afro Latijn dance socials, live concerts and international salsa conventions and festivals, no its not to get laid, stone drunk or high on narcotics but to dance.

Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba expresses an array of  human emotions from playful excitement, joy, and speed to calm, slow and sensual moods where both male and female can express their emotions, masculinity and femininity through their personal musical interpretations of the melody and rhythm being played and through the strength of connection of leader and follower in the dance. Inevitably amongst the hundreds of different partners that they connect with in dance some will find a partner where they may both may decide to take that connection to another level of interaction while an equal number of other dancers will feel perfectly satisfied with the dance experience in itself. I think the primary reason is the opportunity to share their dance passion with like minded people while the option of meeting someone cute remaining in second place.

In general the serious salsa dancers do not drink a lot of alcohol if any at all because it’s very difficult to keep pace with the rhythm when you’re intoxicated. Their goal is to dance with as many different dancers as possible and that is not going to happen if they are stone drunk.

This also explains why thousands of salsa dancers can converge on a small town like Rovinj in Croatia every summer and not wreak havoc and carnage with drunk and stoned dancers sprawled all over the town center. The learning journey and sacrifice they took to get there is evidence of their pre-existing discipline, focus and motivation.

Another proof of this is the beach and pool parties.

A pool party in the Afro Latin Social Dancing scene has a slightly different implication and meaning to the primary thoughts that enter our minds. I clearly remember the very first salsa festival I ever attended with the climax being ‘The Pool Party’ on Sunday. As tempting as the spectacle may have been I simply had very little motivation to attend that part of the festival as a skinny, devoid of any visible muscles, slightly hairy chested, stubble grey bearded, middle aged man with matching ‘match stick legs’ sticking out of very baggy swimming trunks being surrounded by young, beautiful, perfectly formed, sun tanned, bikini babes and tattoo invested young men, with perfectly shaven beards and fully toned six packs.

In my complete ignorance at that time I passed on that part of the festival and would just wait for the final Evening Gala …. in my fully clothed camouflage makeover outfit.

If you ever look at promotional videos for many of these international summer dance salsa festivals they will promote it by highlighting animation scenes where they are dancing to popular dance tracks like Reggaeton & Hip Hop focusing the angle of the camera primarily on those perfectly looking bikini babes and macho men. This being one of the reasons that held me back for attending previous events. I simply felt way too old and out of place but this is not a true representation of the diversity and age of dancers present in addition to main music being played there, ranging from New York, LA & Mambo style to Cuban Rumba, Afro Rumba, Salsa and Son in Contra Tiempo timing to Dominican, Romantica and Bachatango styles of Bachata to Traditional, Urban and Semba styles of Kizomba. Styles of music played that requires weeks, months and years of learning and practice to be able to dance to fluently.

The Pool Party is the ultimate reward, climax and celebration for another year of disciplined learning and commitment.

Alberto Valdes & Yanet Fuentes dancing at Croatian Summer Salsa Festival in Rovinj 2019;

Heres another bonus clip just posted on Instagram at the same festival;

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2 thoughts on “The Pool Party – A slightly different meaning in the Afro Latin social dancing scene.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments Alina. Sometimes after writing and posting a blog with full enthusiasm and conviction I sometimes start doubting myself afterwards. I have only experience a small fraction of the whole Afro Latin Social Dancing scene in comparison to dancers such as yourself that have experienced a way lot more over a longer period of time and my own viewpoint may gradually change as time moves on. But in the end we can control and decide what we choose to experience in any setting and everyones story will be unique.


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