Lyn Alden – Investment Strategy

Still reading, studying, learning.

I know I have already highlighted her platform but with every blog I read my conviction grows.

If you want to keep things simple, clutter free without flashing lights and christmas trees then limit the number of advisory services and email listings you sign up to, including the number of YouTube channels you subscribe to.

My own personal experience is continually proving that if you try to grap every glittering tinsel out there you will drown in a sea of information that was suppose to help you stay afloat.

Although Lyn Alden Investment Strategy is my personal favourite it may not be yours. You need to find a reputable advisory source that keeps things simple & clutter free and where they make the learning process an enjoyable one.

Where you are not continually being spammed with urgent emails with content you can only see by purchasing their Lifetime – Super Elite Membership plan for this once in a lifetime bargain price that has been slashed in half but is still 10x the price of your original subscription. A subscription that you assumed you were going to receive that type of exclusive information anyway.

So be careful out there!! Make sure you don’t end up losing money that you are trying to save ……..

…….. even before you make your first investment.

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