One of the reasons why some believe there is a major seismic shift coming in how we wil live.

Still reading, listening & learning.

Watched a seemingly incredulous video that is making dramatic claims about a seismic shift coming that will mark a new era in how we live. (The video was mainly designed to get me to subscribe to their monthly financial report.)

The video used several recent developments to validate his arguments and they did seem to make reasonable sense but funnily enough it was one quote from a news headline from last year that struck me the most.

One of the major things I learned from Robert Kiwosaki books is that no matter what social movements do by either voting in a new political government or pressurising the existing one, the rich simply do not pay taxes! They will always find a way around doing that just as they have done for decades if not centuries.

The 1% super rich of the world own nearly 50% of global wealth. If they have issues with paying taxes then how long do you think they are going to put up with this ironic situation?

Paying a bank to keep their money?

Or to put it in another way to keep the value that that money represents?

…The value of which is diminishing everyday with every new dollar or euro being printed out of thin air.

According to that video something behind the scenes is going on (and it’s not 5g or AI) while everybody else is thinking, breathing and focusing on Covid 19, the Presidential American elections and a struggling global economy that maybe was going to change dramatically anyway …..

…..with or without Covid-19.

(I refuse to answer whether I finally did subscribe)

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