A podcast with Lyn Alden …..again.

In response to a Bitcoin fanatic Peter McCormack audio podcast with Lyn Alden.

I could not express everything I wanted to say in her twitter account in response to that podcast so I decided to express it here in my (still under construction – 5 years) WordPress account.

“I really don’t know how you do it Lyn but you never disappoint and you make what is normally a really boring and complex subject for layman novices like myself incredibly fascinating.

The experienced investors see your worth immediately and don’t hesitate to follow you. But speaking as a complete novice to this world, we are being bombarded with way too much information and advice to digest and a large bulk of it is misinformation and very bad advice and way too many inexperienced investors are losing the money they don’t really have.

Every new investor should go to your website first and read and study virtually every blog you have published there before they start investing.

Thanks once again Lyn.”

Devaluation is Likely with Lyn Alden — What Bitcoin Did @MIUI |https://www.whatbitcoindid.com/podcast/why-a-currency-devaluation-is-likely-with-lyn-alden

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