Covid-19 – An effective form of treatment is not meant to be this simple and this cheap!

This blog is based on Dr John Campbells latest YouTube post : 12/09/ 2020

For several months now increasing evidence is showing a very important link between the severity of Covid -19 symptoms and vitamin D levels in the patients. The latest being a correlation observation study carried out in Israel specifically looking at the link between those that do and don’t experience severe Covid-19 symptoms in relation to their pre-existing vitamin D levels.

Full scientific acceptance can only be given when the W.H.O. decides to address this evidence and carry out their own blind international clinical trials and this is the main question that Dr. John Campbell is asking;

Why has this not been done yet?

While being conscious and grateful for the great amount of work that has been accomplished by this organisation, including the many rights, liberties and services provided by our free democratic governments this does not mean I am blind and ignorant to their shortcomings, failures and acts of negligence. Having a positive attitude does not mean ignoring the negative.

But I will try and remain positive that both the W.H.O. and our individual governments will prove to me that the title of this blog is totally unfounded!!


<The FEBS Journal, 2020; DOI: 10.1111/febs.15495>

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